HTTP to HTTPS conversion proxy

I use an RSS reader app on my iPhone which only supports HTTP rss links (FeeddlerRSS) but not HTTPS. Apart from that, is does what i want it to do, so i didn’t feel like hunting for a new app which also supports HTTPS. But there is a site which i follow and they changed completely to HTTPS ( including the RSS feeds, so i couldn’t read their RSS feed with Feeddler anymore.
But it turns out that apache can do the conversion for me quite easily. I just needed to add a name-based host to my apache config and use the “ProxyPass” config directive to handle to conversion from HTTP to HTTPS.
And of course you need to enable the proxy_module

LoadModule proxy_module modules/

The config for the named-host looks like this:

<virtualhost *:80>
        SSLProxyEngine On

        ProxyPass  /